Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Push Back Against Homophobia

This is an important story. It is my understanding that the Spanish-media in the US allows for a lot more homophobic comments and viewpoints without any rebuttal or push-back.

Not this interview.

New York state Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr (more info here) has been the voice and face of opposition to marriage equality in New York, where between 51% and a historic 58% favor allowing same-sex couples the rights and protections that marriage provides. During his career as a pastor and politician, he has made many outrageous claims, like comparing homosexuality to drug addiction and bestiality and lying about marriage legislation, stating that churches would be forced to marry same-sex couples or have their tax-exempt statuses revoked.

New Yorkers, and others, if you feel so inclined, spread the word! Read the article, then write/call Ruben Diaz and let  him know how you feel about his opposition to marriage equality, and check out Marriage Equality New York to see what can be done to help bring marriage equality to the Empire State.

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