Friday, May 27, 2011

HP: Through the Pensieve

Ok. So. I used to wait in agony for the Harry Potter books to come out. I would check and almost every day to find any hints and read essays other fans had written. The plots were so elaborate and the characters so complex, I fell in love immediately after the fourth book was written, and had to wait six long years for the final chapter. (I must admit that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is my all time favorite. Don't you just love to hate Dolores Umbridge? Ugh. She makes my blood boil and head explode!)

The movies have been pretty good as well. Always a little bit disappointing, since the movies are never as good as the books. Three was my favorite until 7.1. Neil and I waited with 4,000 other people outside the AMC Loews theatre for the midnight showing last November (most were dressed up. We were not.) I loved it. In my opinion it was the best one yet released, and gives me hope that 7.2 will be even better. (We'll probably be back in that line with the 4,000 other fans.)

The clip below is an amalgamation of all the films and it really shows a number of things: the growth of the characters throughout the series, the increasing ability of actors who play them, and just how powerful the storyline really is.

Thanks JK Rowling for creating such a magnificent world. I can't wait to share it with my children! :)

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