Thursday, June 16, 2011

UPDATE: News from New York

Over the last 24 hours, we have picked up another Republican state Senator, Roy McDonald, stating:
“I think I’m doing the right thing, it’s the appropriate thing, and if the public respects that, I’m grateful,” Mr. McDonald said as reporters pressed him in the Capitol for his decision. “If they don’t, then I move on.” (NYTIMES)
With his vow of support, we now have 31 of the 32 votes needed for a simple majority. (If you want to help, you can call a New York State Senator with my friendfactor account. It's easy, since they give you a prompt of what to say!)

Republican state senators caucused for four hours yesterday, without coming to a decision about a vote. According to the New York Times:
Anguished Senate Republicans held a four-hour meeting on Wednesday at which they were unable to decide even whether they would bring same-sex marriage to a vote, stalling a last-minute drive by supporters of the legislation.

The long-debated marriage measure, which has overshadowed all other issues in the final days of this legislative session, remained one vote shy of the number they needed for passage in the Republican-controlled Senate. The Democratic-controlled Assembly approved the legislation late Wednesday, by a vote of 80 to 63, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is a strong supporter.

Dean G. Skelos, the Senate majority leader, emerged from his caucus’s meeting on Wednesday afternoon to say that Republicans had not decided how to proceed on the marriage bill, but would continue discussions on Thursday.
(my emphasis added)

We need ONE MORE GOPer. One more. I wrote earlier how Alesi, the first GOP defector stated that 6-7 others in his camp might join the side of equality. Here is a list of Senators still on the fence. If you believe in equality, CALL THEM!

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