Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweden on my Mind

Yesterday, I spent some time looking at Sweden. This country has slowly taken over my life. (Not really, but it has popped up a lot more than it usually does). I was perusing one of my favorite websites,, when I found this very cool video:

Believe it or not, this guy, FreddeGredde, is Swedish. I am also Swedish (well, there are a few Swedish drops of blood in me, I'm sure). I read on his blog how he was a student and that had me thinking about how most things (like education and health care) in Sweden are free, because of all their taxes (which I would rather pay, and get free health care and education).  

That got me thinking some more about my future. I'm a political person, a wary political person who always has an escape plan just in case one of the many anti-gay politicians find themselves in power. I know it's silly, but some of their biggest supporters advocate for us to be expelled from the country, so why not get a head start, eh? It's always good for my mental health to be prepared. Anyway, I looked up Sweden on their official website, and found a lot of really cool stuff, including a bunch of great short films! TAG! was my favorite. 

I don't know if I'll ever make it over there, and Neil has vowed to never have to become fluent in any other language than English, so that makes things a bit harder. At least now I know why I have this Robyn song stuck in my head.

We have similar dance styles. :)

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