Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Softball

Yesterday, I was privileged to play a bit of softball with the Geoffrey's Mets. I was extremely nervous, because I haven't played in an actual game of baseball/softball since I was probably nine or ten years old. Here I was, subbing in on a D2 team.

It. was. AWESOME!

Yes, my senses were all heightened due to tendency to not want to screw up and I could feel every muscle in my body, but I played much better than I expected, and hopefully a lot better than they expected! I played catcher for most of the game and made a couple really important plays. I got knocked over trying to tag someone out sliding into home. Unfortunately, it was too close to call so the ump called him safe. Whatever, I wear my scrapes proudly!

I am extremely sore today. I asked Neil to remind me why I felt like it felt like I'd been hit by a truck this morning, if I had forgotten. I didn't forget. Being able to feel all those muscles I don't normally use reminds me of how important it is to change up your everyday exercise routine. If you neglect certain muscle groups during normal exercise, you will definitely pay for it later. Use ice and heat for sore muscles to prevent injury. But most importantly, try something new and have fun!


  1. How fun! I'm glad you were able to have some fun!