Friday, April 29, 2011

OneWheaton posts letter of Solidarity to current LGBT-Ally students

Today, a friend of mine from LA posted a story from OneWheaton, a LGBTQ-Ally group of alumni from Wheaton College in Illinois. This school, like many of its kind across the country, does not recognize the value of its LGBTQ students, making all except the most bold to live in the closet while on campus. What I wouldn't have given for something like this when I was at Anderson University, an even lesser known Christian college in the middle of the midwest. For years I blocked out my sexuality, out of fear: fear of being found out, fear of being ridiculed, fear of being cast out. This isolation is so unhealthy Finally I came out to myself my senior year at Anderson and mentally, things started to get better. Opening myself up in counseling sessions helped me to begin taking those first steps towards my own mental wellness and healthy relationships with others.

A song that helped me through some of my rough times was Coldplay's Fix You. If you ever need help, find someone you trust that you can talk to and find other ways to express your feelings, like art or listening to music.

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