Thursday, May 26, 2011

House Votes to Withhold Education from Medical Students

How far will the right-wing go? This makes me burn with rage. An amendment to a funding bill for the health care law signed last year was sponsored by arch-homophobe and now anti-medical Virginia Foxx (R-SC). The amendment states that no federal funding will go to any medical school that teaches abortion procedures to its students. It passed with bipartisan support, 234-182.

I have several problems with this. First of all, what the hell?! Abortion is legal, and it should be. Regardless of how one may feel about the morality or ethics of abortion, there will always be women who have them performed, whether in a back alley, someone's home, a clinic or doctor's office. As someone who actually respects life, especially of someone who is already living, I would prefer that these women see someone who is competent in their skills, so there are as little complications as possible and they may receive the support they require/want without fear of being arrested or the stigma of having one performed. Second, some abortions aren't really a choice. Sometimes babies need to be aborted to save the life of the mother. Should a woman be required to carry a baby to term when said baby was conceived during a rape? What if the baby's father was a close-blood relative of the mother, like her father, uncle, or brother? I feel like the 'respect for life' movement has jumped the ship named Sane Discourse, and is swimming to shore, hoping to make it to Crazy Town, USA. Third, I thought that republicans were all about less regulation and control and more freedom. How does this amendment allow for more freedom? Will this attachment create a better, more competent, compassionate medical field? No. Third, if you want to decrease the amount of abortions performed in the country, and the world, research has shown that proper comprehensive sex education needs to be implemented. Counseling should be provided for those women who are considering an abortion, and rhetoric should be toned down. If you are really 'pro-life,' then you should practice being pro-life for everyone. Oh, and get ready to adopt a bunch of babies.

The abortion debate is so complex and nasty. It sickens me that I have even felt the need to put in my two cents. However, when the culture wars start meddling in my professional life, I won't take it sitting down.

P.S. A book was recommended to me, Killing Rage, by Bell Hooks. It is my understanding that it suggests constructive ways to deal with rage. It might be helpful for those who feel so strongly about this issue.

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