Monday, May 16, 2011

Marriage Equality Update

Friends who fight the good fight! For a couple months now, a guy from California named Matt Baume has been updating the world via two youtube channels, first the Prop8-centric Stop8org, then the more inclusive Marriage News Watch. If you were ever curious as to how gay marriage rights are doing across the nation, Baume does an excellent job collecting the stories, presenting them, and then explaining what can be done to help move the country towards equality. Here is this week's video:

This issue is huge for me, for hopefully obvious reasons, if you know me. Right now I live in a state where I am allowed to get married to the person I love, but those protections and responsibilities will not follow me down Florida, where I am going to school. When you do not have marriage equality, simple things become ridiculously difficult. If we're married, Neil should be covered under my health insurance provided through the school. They are unwilling to do that, and we have to go down to Florida, crossing our fingers that he can find a job so we don't have to spend a fortune on insulin supplies (more on this issue later). That problem isn't as big as potentially losing a legal spouse due to deportation. Watch the video, follow along; this is one of the most important civil rights movements going on in the country. I hope that you care.


  1. Thanks for posting Brant. Very informative and helpful to have all of the state by state information in one place.

  2. My pleasure! Glad you like it. :)