Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Floating in the East River (in a good way)

Now this is a cool, green idea I can get behind. Three guys in New York City want to open up a pool in the East River, using filtered river water. This pool would be open to everyone, and would allow all those people of the city to reconnect with the water that surrounds them. (Help make it happen here.)

On hot summer days, when you see a cool body of water, don't you want to just jump right in? Yesterday in Boston was an over 90 degrees scorcher. I was very tempted to jump in the sprinklers that were running outside my building, but decided it was just a little too unprofessional. If they had a pool like this in Boston, I could definitely get behind it.

Watch the pitch video below:
+Pool from GYLo on Vimeo.

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